About biorefining

Biorefining is the process of producing multiple sustainable products from biomass or other biogenic feedstocks. Frontier Impact Group has identified a biorefinery technology that has been operating at scale internationally for several years. Identifying this technology de-risks an important part of the business model.

Modern biorefining can produce renewable diesel that is a direct substitute for petroleum-derived diesel. Older technologies produced biodiesel that could only be blended with petroleum-derived diesel. The renewable diesel biorefinery supports a low incremental cost pathway to produce other sustainable fuels.

Besides producing renewable diesel, the plant also produces high-grade biochar and wood vinegar. These valuable products add to the carbon sequestration equation. The high-grade biochar is capable of being further refined to a graphene product which would significantly enhance its sales value. The Development Company plans to pursue plant expansions in due course as the initial project matures.

The Development Company initially plans to secure feedstocks that would otherwise be destined for landfill, burnt with associated CO2 released or utilised for less value-add purposes. In the future, the venture has a particular interest in deriving feedstock from harvesting biomass from tree planting activities that have the benefit of helping regenerate agricultural lands. These future tree planting activities have the benefit of generating carbon credits and harvesting treetops and thinnings for generating lower or zero-carbon products such as renewable diesel.